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Tough to fit professional development training into a busy schedule? Impossible to get all your team together at the same time and in the same place? Working a flex schedule that is anything but flexible? Yeah, we know. We get it. And we did something about it. Soft Skills Training 360 provides training opportunities that fit the needs of every person, team or company.
Which Training Format Is Right For You?
SELF Training- [Learn More]


Self-training classes are available on demand 24x7. The training is ideal for Individualized, self-paced learning and is a perfect follow-up to the Virtual and Live Training, or for individual professional development. Each courses take takes about 2-4 hours to complete, with smart start-stop tracking, allowing you to break the learning up as you like. Best yet, it is completely mobile friendly.

VIRTUAL Training- [Learn More]


Virtual training classes are Instructor led, 1/2-day seminars. The training is Ideal for companies or teams where the participants are not able to all be at the same training location, but can participate remotely. Each course is about 3-hours.

LIVE Training- [Learn More]


Live training classes are Instructor-led, one-day seminars. The training is ideal for companies or teams with 10+ participants at the same training location. Each course is about 6 hours.

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